Current Favorites

These past few years have certainly been quite different than the ones that preceded them for more reasons than one. I, for one, had quite the wake-up call about how much I was spending on beauty products, and thankfully, came to realize that I didn’t exactly need all of the products I had been acquiringContinue reading “Current Favorites”

Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty

Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty is back! The event begins March 13th and runs through April 2nd, offering beauty steals at 50% off each day. This includes brands like BeautyBlender, Peach & Lily, Tarte, Lancome, Benefit Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics, and Kylie Cosmetics. If you’re a fan of higher-end beauty and makeup products and tools, haveContinue reading “Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty”

Blue Light & Skin Health: All You Need to Know

Man-made exposure to blue light is rapidly becoming a concern for many, from the seemingly ever-growing tech industry that has thousands of workers sitting in front of computer screens every day, to the average cellphone and tablet user, such as myself. While blue light itself is not new (though many of us are just beginningContinue reading “Blue Light & Skin Health: All You Need to Know”

Pregnancy-Safe Skincare

As a few of you may already know, I recently underwent a massive life change. You can probably guess what that major life change is from the title of this post! After many, many years, three grueling rounds of IVF, and two embryo transfers, our little rainbow baby is on the way and we couldn’tContinue reading “Pregnancy-Safe Skincare”

Concealers: Best & Worst

No-makeup makeup looks have taken over in 2020. Thanks to a pandemic with no end in sight and months (seemingly soon to be years) of lockdowns, social distancing, and self-quarantining, we’ve all had the chance to let our bare skin breathe, and to be honest, it’s one of the many things I’ve been grateful forContinue reading “Concealers: Best & Worst”

Concealer Application

When it comes to no-makeup makeup looks, most of us know that concealer is key. It wakes up the face, has light-reflecting qualities, and hides blemishes. What many of us don’t know (myself included until recently) is that something as simple as proper concealer application can transform not only face shape but also eye shape—somethingContinue reading “Concealer Application”

Favorite Perfumes

While I have been meaning to upload a post about my favorite perfumes for uhhh….an embarrassing six or so months now, we all know how life can get in the way. The good news? I’m back. Also, I’m a perfume lover, making me the perfect person to write this article. And when I say “lover,”Continue reading “Favorite Perfumes”

Makeup Routine for Oily Skin

Sometimes, when I’m alone with my thoughts, I ask God why He decided to bestow upon me the most…interesting…of family genes—oily skin (sometimes combination skin) and large pores. Okay, that may be a little too dramatic but to know me is to love me. Besides, I am sure that my fellow oily/combo skin people understandContinue reading “Makeup Routine for Oily Skin”

Facial Oil

We’ve seen them all over our Instagram feeds, Snapchat stories, and Youtube Skincare recommendations. A beauty routine staple for most, they’re worth the hype. Yes, I’m talking about facial oil. Whether you’re dealing with breakouts or concerned with anti-aging, dryness, redness, or even oiliness, chances are there’s a facial oil available that you (and yourContinue reading “Facial Oil”