Pregnancy-Safe Skincare

Pregnancy Skincare

As a few of you may already know, I recently underwent a massive life change. You can probably guess what that major life change is from the title of this post! After many, many years, three grueling rounds of IVF, and two embryo transfers, our little rainbow baby is on the way and we couldn’t be more excited. Along with my life, my skin has also undergone major changes due to this little bundle of joy. Needless to say, I had to revamp my entire skincare routine, not only to make sure that it’s pregnancy-safe but to also provide my new, different skin with exactly what it needs.

It’s no secret that hormonal changes take a toll on pregnant women and their bodies but perhaps it is lesser-known is just how much these fluctuating and surging hormones affect facial skin during pregnancy. I’ve mentioned previously that I typically have an oily skin type that is prone to breakouts. During the first trimester, that really went into overdrive. I had new breakouts on my face almost daily which also continued into the second trimester. I couldn’t help but think “Aren’t pregnant women supposed to glow?!” I definitely wasn’t glowing and my typical go-to products with retinoids that aren’t safe for use during pregnancy were out of the question. Naturally, I went into crisis mode. I didn’t yet know what to do but I knew I had to try to do something.

The Process

I started by researching the question that was most important to me: What skincare ingredients are safe for pregnancy? I quickly found out that for me and my particular skin issues, there aren’t many. All of the chemical exfoliators that I had so happily relied upon for the past few years (and have always had great results with) were all out. For me, this included every product and face wash with retinoids, AHAs, and BHAs.

It is important to note that some of these acids are reportedly safe for use during pregnancy in very small amounts. I, however, wasn’t about to take that risk and so you can imagine my devastation at having to forgo my tried-and-true routine. I had experimented for years to get my perfect skincare combination down so this is probably the only circumstance under which it wouldn’t have to be ripped from my cold, dead hands. So cute that you think I’m joking. 😉

One of the ways in which I changed my skincare routine was by shifting my focus from exfoliation to moisture retention, nourishment, and cell regeneration. While it may sound complicated, it really wasn’t, as it’s easy to find multiple benefits all built into one product. Read on to check out my new routine with all of the products I use and their benefits listed.


Youth To The People

Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser

For me, having a “clean” face wash to use during pregnancy is a major priority. Thankfully, I knew exactly where to turn. This award-winning face wash may look familiar if you’ve ever seen my post about double-cleansing. It contains cold-pressed antioxidants, removes makeup, prevents buildup in pores, and supports the skin’s pH balance. It is formulated with ingredients such as kale, spinach, and green tea, which contain skin-loving phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, vitamins C, E, and K, and antioxidants that fight visible signs of aging.


Dr. Jart+

Ceramidin™ Liquid

Now I’ve never been one for toners but this “toner” is more so a moisturizing liquid that hydrates which is quite different from your usual toner (that oftentimes actually dry out the skin). It features a blend of complex ceramides—ceramides being composed of intercellular lipids that act as the skin’s defense against environmental aggressors and maintain moisture levels. It also features panthenol (a chemical substance made from pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5), as well as fig, centella asiatica, and phyto extracts which relieve cracked or flaky skin. It is formulated without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates—three ingredients I have specifically been working hard to avoid during my pregnancy.


Dr. Jart+

Ceramidin ™ Moisturizing Cream

Similar to the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid, the Ceramidin Cream also features a blend of five ceramides to support the skin’s moisture barrier and prevent water loss. And let me tell you, this cream is *thick*. I only use a little more than a pea-sized amount to cover my entire face and neck but thankfully, it doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin (which I hate). It’s velvety, it’s rich, and it leaves my skin looking (and feeling) healthy, soft, and plump all day long. I would definitely recommend this cream to anyone but especially to those who have dry skin, a common condition that can develop during pregnancy.


The Ordinary

100% Plant-Derived Squalane

This product should also look familiar. Hey, if it works, it works, am I right? This plant-derived squalane is a lightweight, plant-derived solution that supports healthy hydration. Squalane is a saturated and stable hydrocarbon that is found naturally in the skin. It has very high emollience, is an exceptional hydrator, and can prevent ongoing loss of hydration that impairs dermal suppleness.

Eye Cream


Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream

Everyone who has read my piece about eye creams knows that I’m a fan. I’m also a huge fan of the Biossance line of products formulated with squalane. My skin just gets along so well with squalane. 🙂 This vegan and cruelty-free eye cream contains elasticity-boosting paracress and firming pink marine algae, which has been clinically shown to deliver results immediately after application. Providing exceptional hydration and a crease-free canvas for makeup, the mica-free formula melts into skin and color corrects the look of dark circles with its natural pink hue.

Rose Hip Seed Oil

The Ordinary

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

The final step of my pregnancy facial skincare routine consists of this cold-pressed rose hip seed oil that is packed with antioxidants, vitamin A, and essential fatty acids that help to regenerate skin, fade dark spots, reduce scars and fine lines, as well as lock in all of that moisture I’ve just applied. This oil does have a bit of a nutty scent but this is because it is completely unrefined. This natural-occurring scent is due to its high omega fatty acid content. In this case, stinky is a great thing! 😂